Why Does My Dog Have Hot Spots?

Dogs can develop hot spots for many reasons, but the most common reasons are seasonal or topical allergies, food allergies or a food intolerance.  Hot spots are red, open wounds that often become infected and are made worse by your dog licking and chewing on them.  A change in diet can often dramatically reduce the recurrence of hot spots or even eliminate them altogether.

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My Cat Keeps Getting Ear Infections

Your cat is shaking her head and rubbing her head constantly on the side of the couch or any other surface she can get to. You have taken her to the vet and your kitty has an otherwise clean bill of health, but she keeps having itchy ears, scratching her ears or getting ear infections.  Your cat’s food could be the culprit

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Why Does My Cat Keep Vomiting?

Cat vomit is a common problem for cats. All cat owners have some sort of cat vomit story, usually involving their shoe, their bare foot or even their bed. Cats can vomit for numerous reasons, including hairballs or intestinal obstructions. If your cat vomits regularly, the first step is to take your kitty to the vet for a checkup.

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