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Hypoallergenic means happy dogs and cats

Unfortunately many of our dogs and cats today suffer from food allergies that largely go unnoticed. These allergies tend to be caused by the low quality and badly-processed chicken, beef and lamb that features in their foods, day in and day out. But Addiction is different...

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Made with really unique meats

To make our foods as beneficial as possible to your pet’s wellbeing, we take a completely fresh approach to the meats we use. Not only do our foods tend to contain a much higher amount of protein than most...

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Enter the Grain Free zone

Cats and dogs are carnivores by their nature and would catch and eat meat if they were in the wild. So why are so many of the foods we give them packed with grains? Could it be because grains are an easy and cheap way for manufacturers to bulk up the protein content of their food?

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Our pet foods are born free

We believe that the best meat comes from happy animals. This is why all the meat we source for our foods comes from either expertly-reared free-range animals or wild game that’s been fished or culled for agricultural reasons.

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Happy pets for a healthy planet

At Addiction we believe in making food that’s not only good for your pet, but good for our planet too. We are the only pet food company that actively participates in the eco-sustainability movement, and we are proud to be called an Earth Friendly company.

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Variety really is the spice of life!

How would you like to eat the same food twice a day all week long? It sounds pretty boring doesn't it? So why do your pets deserve that kind of diet? The Addiction range is very broad...

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The highest standards of dedication

To ensure our food is always at the highest quality level and retains all the freshness and nutritional goodness of its ingredients, we operate our very own dedicated manufacturing facility in New Zealand.

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Our Addiction to quality

At Addiction, we know that quality matters to you, and it matters to us as well. Afterall, we believe in serving your pets only the best for them. So the foods we produce are tailored to your pet's needs, use only the finest raw ingredients, and we ensure every little detail counts when making our foods.

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