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Unfortunately many of our dogs and cats today suffer from food allergies that largely go unattended to, which are simply brushed off as mere itch. Dogs and cats suffering from allergies end up scratching and itching all the time, or even worse, suffer from life-threatening conditions. These allergies tend to be caused by the low quality and badly-processed chicken, beef and lamb that features in their foods, day in and day out. But Addiction is different: we have developed dishes that use unique proteins – such as wild Australian Kangaroo, New Zealand Brushtail and King Salmon – that are usually hypoallergenic to pets. Addiction foods are also made free from added artificial additives and chemicals and by-products, thus providing dogs and cats with a meal that they can happily tuck into without having to suffer from allergic reactions any longer. With Addiction foods, not only will your pet benefit from a much higher level of nourishment, but they’ll be stimulated by delicious new flavours too!

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