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Food tailored to your pet’s needs

We develop all our food under the supervision of a leading Australian veterinary surgeon and clinical pet nutritionist. Together with our food technologists, they create recipes that are specifically formulated to help your pet thrive. We pay particular attention to balancing our foods so they provide a comprehensive range of nutrients that exceed the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) requirements. But it doesn’t end there, all our recipes then go through a comprehensive evaluation and, if necessary, redevelopment process before we are proud to add them to the Addiction range.

The finest raw ingredients

Pet food is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. At Addiction, we know all about quality ingredients as we’ve made them the cornerstone of our business. We are fastidious about sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients and obtain most of them from Australia and New Zealand where the welfare standards, even for game meats, are extremely high. We never source raw ingredients from China as traceability is vital to us.

Addiction is also the first company to widely use wild game meats – a vastly superior source of protein for cats and dogs (one taste from your pet should prove that outright!). All of our other proteins are either free-range or wild caught, ensuring they are free from harmful GMOs, steroids and antibiotics. Alongside the quality of these ingredients, we are also a leader in using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Every little detail counts

We carry out tests on our foods at accredited independent laboratories to ensure that they meet food safety standards. We believe this kind of precise attention to detail is the only way to reach the high standards we pride our business on. Every batch of food we make must go through these procedures otherwise we will not allow it to be exported.

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