5 Reasons Mutts are Excellent Companions

For most dog lovers, it’s never a question of whether a dog is purebred or not. More likely, owners would have their own preferences in terms of personality and charisma. Needless to say though, we believe all dogs deserve our tender love and care, including mixed breeds, whom we lovingly call mutts. And in celebration of the National Mutt Day this year, here are five reasons why we “heart” our mutts:

1. Mutts give you the best of both (or more) worlds.

As mixed breeds, mutts carry with them the unique traits of the different dogs their lineage has to offer. This includes their levels of temperament, quirks, intelligence, and even discipline!

Although often shunned as having no pedigree, mutts nonetheless can still give you the best of everything that any loving pooch has to offer: companionship, loyalty, kindness and love!

2. They are uniquely themselves.

Although purebreds can also be genetically unique depending on inbreeding, mutts are entirely one-of-a-kind given their mixed genetic make-up.

Having come for a variety of dog breeds, they can exhibit both dominant and recessive traits of all the dog breeds that they are made up of. There’s really no better match for adventurous pet owners than mixed breeds.

3. They are relatively healthier.

Not having been exposed to inbreeding practices among pure-breeds that usually focus on looks and personality, mutts are not as susceptible to certain illnesses that are inherent to specific pure breeds.

One research on health woes among purebreds and mixed dogs showed that mutts had lesser incidences of at least 10 genetic disorders when compared to pure-breeds.

4. Mutts are big on love, not on costs.

Purebred dogs often carry a hefty price tag, given the science that comes with ensuring traits and looks are passed on strictly across their genealogy.

With mutts, however, given that they come from a variety of breeds, the cost to adopt one could be as little as a $75 donation to your local shelter, depending on the age of a dog.

5. They represent a cause.

A number of purebred dogs nowadays are products of puppy mills, or large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities, which may have little regard for the genetic quality of parent-dogs, as well as questionable sanitary conditions. This may increase the risk of puppies developing congenital and hereditary conditions as they mature.

Since most mixed breeds end up in shelters – having been left by previous owners who’ve decided to move out or who simply cannot take care of their dogs – you’ll be supporting a great cause by adopting a mixed breed and reducing demands for puppy mill dogs.

Moreover, mutts are more likely to be the victims of euthanasia, given that there is very little space – and sometimes, limited public funding – to support housing facilities for mixed breeds. Adopting one doesn’t just help you get a perfect companion in life; it also helps save another life.

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