8 tips to calm your pets during fireworks displays this New Year

fireworks display

Celebrating the upcoming New Year isn’t complete without the fireworks. While we humans enjoy its multicolored sparks and the astonishing sounds they make, our pets sadly don’t feel the same. 

Since our pets’ hearing range is greater than ours, very loud noises like firecrackers can be terrifying for our dogs and cats. These can cause extreme stress and noticeable anxiety in them. 

What to do when anxiety attacks

1. Give your pet some exercise earlier in the day. By allowing your pet to use up his energy before the nocturnal celebrations of New Year’s Eve, he won’t have much energy left to spend on being anxious.

2. Stay home with your pet. Don’t bring your pet on a fireworks display event with you if you’ve noticed he’s terrified of it. Instead, consider staying home with him or have someone he feels comfortable with to watch him when you go out for the festivities.

3. Keep yourself calm. Dogs and cats are sensitive creatures. They can sense how you feel. Do your best to be a calming pet-parent so your pet can adopt the same feeling for himself.

dog hiding curtain fireworks New Year4. Create a safe spot for them. Try to identify beforehand a spot in your house where your pet feels more comfortable. The same place will most likely be the area where he’ll hide as soon as he feels scared. This may be under your bed or your couch. Make it more calming for him by placing a warm blanket beneath it.

5. Block off any noise from outside. Close your doors and windows to lessen the fireworks’ noise that may come into your house. Also, you can try turning on the television or listening to soothing music to keep your pet distracted. 

Girl embarcing cat and dog Holidays fireworks6. Give him lots of cuddles. Some experts say that applying gentle pressure on your pet can soothe and alleviate anxiety symptoms. Give him a hug, or maybe add a warm blanket to help make them feel at ease. 

7. Get his toys and treats ready. Give your pet something interesting to do, like playing with his favorite toy or snacking on his favorite treats like Addiction Foods’ Meaty Bites: a guilt-free, holistic pet treats especially formulated using the finest premium proteins from New Zealand.

8. Keep them hydrated. If your pet still feels terrified, make sure to keep a bowl of water nearby. Anxiety may cause excessive panting and urinating, so it’s better to keep him hydrated.

The best thing that you can do for your frightened pet is to remain calm and stay beside him. Remember that you’re his best bud and the number one person he trusts.  

This festive season, continue to ensure that he feels safe and secure in and outside the house by giving him plenty of love and proper nutrition to prep him for the new year ahead.

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