The Bad Effects of Haze on Your Pets

The Bad Effects of Haze on Your Pets

Southeast Asian haze happens during the dry season. It is brought upon mainly by forest fires during this time. Countries experiencing haze are Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam. What does this mean for your pets? Here’s the low down on haze and how it badly affects your dogs and cats.

What is haze?

Haze is composed of dust, smoke, and other dry particulates that accumulate in dry air, obscuring the clearness of the skies. Smoke from factories also causes dense haze, also known as smog. Haze is one of the basic forms of air pollution that badly affects not only humans but pets, too.

Effects of haze on pets

Unhealthy air quality that we all breathe can harm us. That includes our pets. Short term exposure can bring eye, nose, and throat irritations which usually resolve itself. Long term exposure can affect the lungs and the heart. Dogs and cats can suffer asthma, although it’s more common in cats. Other respiratory problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia may occur. 

Signs you have to look out for

During haze season, pay particular attention to your pets’ behavior as they may display the following: coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing—open-mouth breathing in cats, lethargy, and increased salivation. 

When pets inhale haze (or smoke from haze), it can cause inflammation in their respiratory system, thickening their saliva and mucus. This will also cause irritation to their throats and may make them cough incessantly. They will need lots of water so keep their water bowls filled and handy at all times.

Preventive measures

If you need to bring out your pets for their daily walks, there are pollution masks available for pets. Check out your local pet supply store. Lessen their time outdoors. Keep your pets cool at all times. Some air conditioners double as air purifiers too. If you don’t have air conditioners, you can get an air purifier to clean the air inside your home.

Pets usually lick themselves. If they’ve been outdoors, wipe your pets’ fur. This will wipe off dust and other allergens that might have settled on their hair and skin. 

This haze season, utmost care is needed by our pets. Make sure that they are nourished properly.  

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