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Kids and Pets – Staying Safe for the Holidays

Kids and pets can go wonderfully together.  Kids are naturally drawn to pets and are willing to throw the ball over and over or to play with the feather toy for hours at a time.  Kids and pets often snuggle together, play together and learn from each other.  Visiting friends over the holidays can mean pets who don’t know much about kids and kids who don’t know much about pets.  Here are some ways to make sure their meeting is a success.

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Staying Safe This Winter – Pets and Cold Weather

Winter is here and we have some tips for how to handle pets and cold weather.  Winter is a great time for snuggling with your pets by the fire, playing catch with snowballs and taking long walks down snowy lanes.  Winter is not without it’s hazards, though so here are some precautions you should take when the temperature dips.