Dehydrated Pet Food – Perfect Winter Feast

Have you ever tried dehydrated pet food your pet?  Now that it’s winter, it’s a great time to try it.  With temperatures outside dropping, a warm meal may be just what your dog or cat is craving.

Dehydrated food is made by gently drying the food.  Our dehydrated foods are dried at a temperature just high enough to kill any harmful bacteria, such as e-coli and salmonella.  This process means the food is safe to handle, even by children or people with compromised immune system.  Because the food is not cooked, it still retains most of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes as a raw diet.  

Wintertime is a great time to try dehydrated foods.  You just mix it with warm water, let it sit a few minutes, stir and serve.  Dehydrated foods can be fed alone or you can mix them in with your pet’s regular meal.  Our dehydrated foods are formulated that you can also feed them dry.  This is a great option for folks who want to add a little extra flavor or nutritional boost to their regular food, but don’t want to add the water.  Just sprinkle it directly on their regular food!


If your pet spends time outdoors in the winter, consider adding in a few extra calories to help keep them warm.  Some warm water and a bowl of Steakhouse Beef and Zucchini is sure to satisfy your dog’s tummy.  For dogs with allergies we have novel proteins such as Outback Kangaroo Feast and Perfect Summer Brushtail.  With a full range of proteins, including Chicken, Lamb and Venison, you’re sure to find just the right food for your dog.  For your finicky feline, we  make Wild Brushtail and Berries.