Fat Cat to Fit Cat

Is your cat more fat than fur?  Being fat means more than just trying to find extra large kitty beds for your cat, being overweight can cause some serious health problems for your feline friend.  Obesity can lead to feline diabetes, arthritis and even fatty liver disease.  But first let’s explore some ways you can help your fat cat turn into trim kitty.

Feed Small Meals.  Ideally, you would feed your cat about four small meals a day.  Most ofus have jobs and can’t be home to cater to our cat’s needs, so this may not be realistic for everyone.  There are fabulous food dishes made for this though.  You just set the timer for each of the doors and at the pre-set time, viola!  The doors open and lunch is served!!  Otherwise, break your cat’s meals up into feedings in the morning and at night and pick up the dishes after 30 minutes.  This gives your cat plenty of time to eat, but doesn’t allow for constant access to food.  I think most of us would put on some pounds if we had a buffet of food available any time of the day.

Exercise Your Kitty.  If your cat is in an indoor cat, you can help them exercise by using specially made cat toys.  The feather on a string is a popular toy.  You can get your cat running and jumping after this toy.  Laser pointers are another great way of playing ‘chase’ with your cat.  Be creative.  Interact with your cat.  Get them moving!  Provide cats with cat trees and towers to build muscle while they climb.

Limit Treats.  Treats add calories.  Pay attention to how many treats your cat is getting.  If you feed your cat food from your table, that adds up too.  Feed treats that are high quality meat.

Grooming your cat regularly and paying attention when you are petting your cat can provide early warning signs that your cat may be getting chubby.  You should be able to feel their ribs with light pressure when you pet them.  If you can’t feel your kitty’s ribs, it’s time for a diet.  You can also tell if your cat is overweight by looking down at them.  They should have an hourglass shape with a waistline.

Following a few simple steps will keep your cute cat from becoming a chubby kitty and could add years on to your pet’s life.