Keep your questions coming in!

Happy April everyone.  There have been lots of things going around on the internet and on Facebook about dogs getting ill from treats using ingredients made in China.  This is so scary and my heart goes out to anyone who’s animal is suffering because of this.  Today, I’d like to talk briefly about protecting yourself AND your animals.  Paying top dollar for a food doesn’t guarantee the safety and quality of the ingredients.  Buying what you might think of as a ‘reputable’ brand doesn’t protect you either.  What does protect you and your cherished pet?  Asking questions.

It may seem like a bit of work, but every thing you feed your pet should meet YOUR standard of approval.  The only way to know for sure where companies source their ingredients is to ask them.  You can email them, call them or read on their website, but it is your right to know what is going in your pet’s food.  I would only feed foods that do not source ANY ingredients from China, including vitamin and mineral packs.  There has just been too much controversy and recalls surrounding ingredients manufactured and sourced in China.  I’m not saying everything that comes from China is automatically bad, but there certainly isn’t a great history when it comes to pet food.  At Addiction, we do not source anything from China in any of our foods.

If you are feeding your dog or cat treats make sure you are checking with those manufacturers as well.  The most current rash of illness has been traced back to dog treats.  The FDA is currently investigating but so far they have not found the source.  If your pet shows any sudden signs of illness such as increased thirst, vomiting and listlessness please make sure to check what you are feeding.  A quick google search for ‘tainted dog treats’ will bring up a bunch of articles with names of manufacturers under investigation.

I know that the people who feed Addiction are incredibly thorough in their research.  I answer the emails and the phones and I love hearing how much  folks have put into learning about ingredients.  I applaud all of you for taking the time and the initiative to investigate what you are feeding your animals.  And if you haven’t started yet, pull your foods and treats out of the cupboard and start calling or emailing.  Most pet manufacturers are more than willing to tell you what country they source their ingredients from.  In the meantime, take care of you and of your beloved pets.