Your Pet Food’s Country of Origin Matters!

New Zealand Addiction Pet Foods

Rolling hills, sprawling meadows, lush forests, clean and fresh air…it can only be New Zealand. A source for some of the finest pet food in the market. But why does it matter where your pet food comes from? Read on and find the reasons why. 

Blessed by nature 

With a flourishing agricultural and horticultural industry, New Zealand is blessed by nature’s natural resources conducive to farming sheep, beef, deer, and fruits like peaches, plums, cherries and more. NZ ranks 8th as one of the world’s largest producer of milk. That being the case, it’s no wonder that NZ also produces the best cheeses and ice creams. NZ is also a major exporter of farmed venison and corned beef. The country’s rich foliage also includes exotic herbs and spices. With this bounty of blessings, NZ is an ideal place to source and manufacture pet food. 

The making of superior ingredients 

Because New Zealand has a largely temperate climate with high rainfall and enough sunlight, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other vegetation naturally grow in abundance and harvested fresh. The government is supporting its horticulturists through its sustainable farming fund projects. 

Farming of cattle (sheep, beef, deer) is highly-regulated to maintain environmental sustainability. Cattle is being raised as naturally as possible, letting them graze in cage-free farms free of artificial hormones, grains and other by-products. Salmon farming also observes regulations imposed by the government for sustainability. Thanks also to NZ’s animal welfare code and other implementing rules and legislations, the world gets to enjoy meat without the guilt. This means the animals were put down as humanely as possible before being processed.  

Safety Standards 

As a major exporter of produce, New Zealand has safety standards in place. It applies strict biosecurity measures like stringent control of movement and monitoring of feeding of cattle. Other measures to guarantee that meat coming from the country is safe are being strongly implemented. That’s why NZ is recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health as animal disease-free as it has achieved high levels of food traceability. This means you can trace contamination back to its source thereby helping prevent spreading of contaminated ingredients. 

NZ regulation of pet food manufacturing and distribution 

There are two legislations being followed in New Zealand. These are The Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997 (ACVM Act) and The Animal Products Act 1999 (APA). 

ACVM Act regulates and authorizes import, manufacture, sell or use [of] an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM) in New Zealand.”[1] This ensures if the product is fit for feeding and labelling.  

APA, on the other hand, “establishes a risk management system that requires all animal 

products traded and used to be ‘fit for intended purpose’ through meeting New Zealand animal product standards.”[2] 

A clean environment with lush greens and thick forests, a climate conducive enough to sustain agriculture and horticulture, a place where these are governed by effective legislation, New Zealand is truly the best place to source and manufacture pet food. Addiction Foods has made NZ its home to give you the best pet food products. And that should matter a lot. 

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