How Salmon Protein Affects Cats’ Health

Cats can be picky when it comes to food. But they need protein and usually, fish comes to mind. As pet parents, we hunt down the best fish out there for them–and that’s salmon!    

Health benefits of salmon 

Much has been said about how oily fish like salmon, trout, bass and their kind are rich in omega-3 and how it benefits the heart and joints of our furry pals. We tend to overlook that fish is rich in protein, too.  

Recent studies have shown that salmon contains protein molecules known as bioactive peptides that may aid in controlling inflammation in the digestive tract. Said peptides may also protect joint cartilage and help insulin efficacy.[1] Combined with L-carnitine in their food, protein helps your cat build lean muscle while burning fat thereby maintaining a healthy weight.[2] This reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity in cats. 

How protein works in cats 

Compared to many mammals, including dogs, our feline friends have a higher protein requirement. Their high metabolic rate breaks down amino acids fast. Then, their body absorbs these amino acids and transforms it for use of other bodily processes. If fed with a low-protein diet, your cat’s metabolism will still respond as though fed with a high-protein diet. Ask your vet what’s the right amount of salmon protein is needed by your fur baby. 


Cats are unable to digest carbohydrates so there’s a possibility that they will end up obese and/or suffering from diabetes. As they age, cats will need more protein so as not to lose their muscle mass and lose weight. Giving them the right protein-diet is advisable. Consult your vet if your feline friends need a high-protein or medium-protein diet.  

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