What We Like About You

You know what we like around here?  Thinkers.  Yes, we love thinkers.  We get calls and emails all the time from thinkers.  You are probably a thinker too.  Not just a deep thinker who ponders life and the universe, but also a practical, thinker.  You want to know where your pet food came from.  You want to know what’s in it.  You probably also want to know the kind of company you’re working with.  You have questions sometimes.  Sometimes, you have the answers too!  We love the fact that you are spending time thinking about your animal’s health and that you challenge us to do better.  We love helping to educate you on things you may not have known and we appreciate it when you educate us as well.


I know we were doing Wordless Wednesday, but as we move forward with our skin and coat conversation, I wanted to encourage you to join in. To give answers.  Opinions. Feedback.

Because your thoughts not only matter to us, they are an integral part of keeping us on the leading edge of nutrition for your animals.  Thank you for reading our blog and especially, thank you for being a part of the Addiction Pet Foods family.