What’s in ZEN Vegetarian recipe?

The debate over whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores has been around for years, and both sides seem to provide strong arguments on what dogs really need, to thrive across their life stages.

Experts agree however that dogs have adaptive digestive systems and longer intestines, which make them ideal omnivores, compared to cats whose gastrointestinal tracts may not be able to digest certain foods as quickly.

But whichever side you chose, it is undeniable that some dogs are allergic to certain meats, which means that as pet-owners, you need to consider exploring hypoallergenic, plant-based proteins if your dog has such a condition.

What is Zen Vegetarian?

Zen Vegetarian is an exclusive recipe designed for dogs allergic to meats, formulated with choice vegetable proteins and a combination of vitamins and minerals.

It is a holistic, well-balanced and great tasting meal for sensitive dogs across all life stages.

Like many of Addiction Food’s award-winning formulations, Zen Vegetarian was developed because of pet owners’ requests to address allergenic problems – in this case, meat allergies and intolerance to certain proteins.

Zen Vegetarian was formulated to take a back-to-basics approach on pet food, using only natural and wholesome vegetable-based ingredients.

This unique pet food removes all meat protein in its formulation, and does not contain any artificial flavorings or preservatives, making it ideal for pets with hyperallergic reactions to meat protein allergens.

Instead, Zen Vegetarian is made with nutritional vegetable proteins, B-vitamins and other minerals, expertly crafted to provide dogs with overall good health, better skin and shinier coats.

A quick look at its ingredients list shows soya, rice, peas, and kelp as main ingredients mixed with essential and non-essential nutrients that dogs with meat allergies need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Rich in Isoflavones and Antioxidants

Using Soya–which naturally contains isoflavones and is a powerful antioxidant–as one of its main ingredients, Addiction’s Zen Vegetarian is specially designed to help dogs with meat allergies to benefit from all the nutrients they need to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle across life stages, without depending on meat proteins.

Zen also helps improve their overall skin and coat condition.

It is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, and does not contain any Ingredients of animal origin, gluten, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives or fillers.

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