Why Does My Dog Get Ear Infections

Dogs get ear infections for lots of reasons. Some dogs with floppy ears are just prone to more ear infections, like spaniels and hounds. Dogs who spend time in water can get moisture trapped underneath their ears which can cause ear infections.

But did you know that your dog’s food can be a contributor or could even be causing your dog’s recurring ear infections? An overgrowth of yeast could mean that your dog is not getting the nutrition it needs out of its food. Your dog may be itching its ears, scratching its ears more than normal or rubbing its ears on objects or people.

What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

The ingredients in some foods are full of cheap fillers. Your dog’s system has to work that much harder to digest those fillers, which means it can’t work as hard keeping other systems functioning optimally. Inflammation can show up anywhere in the body, including your dog’s ears.

A one-time ear infection can be bacterial or even viral, so please check with your vet first. Chronic ear infections can often be diminished or eliminated with a diet change.

Check what’s in your dog’s food by looking at the label on the back of the food. Does it contain corn, wheat or soy? These are well known allergens to dogs. Chicken or beef can also be the culprit.

What Can I Do To Help?

Try switching your dog to a diet with limited ingredients and a protein that it has never tried before.

We have four different grain free diets to choose from: pork, lamb, venison and salmon. Any of these would be appropriate to start a dog with recurring ear infections on. Make sure that you also change your dog’s treats at the same time and eliminate table scraps until the ear infections clear up. Use treats that have the same ingredients as your dog’s diet, if possible. Our Meaty Bites are great training treats and contain a single source of protein, making them a good addition to a limited ingredient diet.

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