Why Give Treats to Your Pets

why give treats

Pets love it when you give them treats. It tells them that you love them. They also get that feeling that you’ll go to the ends of the earth for them. But there are other reasons why you should give treats to your furballs. Check out our infographics to learn more.

why give treats1 For training 

Training is a repetitive process that rewarding the trainee—in this case, your pets—needs to be positively reinforced…by treats. Pets tend to remember their training well if there are treats waiting for them. 

why give treats

2 For reward

When your pets do good in your eye, reward them with a treat instantly. Aside from reinforcing positive behavior, pets will file that rewarding experience and may repeat that behavior in the future. Reward them again if it happens. 

why give treats


3 For dental health

There are many treats available for your pets. But if you want them to have better dental health and fresh breath, there are treats formulated to improve their dental condition.

why give treats

4 For establishing connection

More than being a pet parent to your furballs, you should connect to them on a deeper level. Giving them treats establishes and strengthens that bond with your pets. 


why give treats


5 For showing who’s the boss
Pets need to be reminded who takes care of them. Making them rely on you when it comes to giving them treats will show them who’s the boss.  


why give treats6 For coaxing

When you want your fur babies to do something and they won’t budge, coax them with a treat. 9 out of 10 times, they’ll do your bidding. 


why give treats7 For the love

We know how cuddly and loveable our furry pals are. We give them treats just for the love. But remember that many pets tend to become obese so if we just give them treats just because, we might as well find treats that are low in fat and low in sodium.  


Healthy treats for healthy pets 

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