I wrote to Addiction just last week looking for help because my cat Christopher was unable to keep food down because of grain allergies.

Mona Sterling very kindly sent us a couple grain free foods to try and also a can of the Black Forest Rabbit & Blueberries EntrĂ©e. I placed out small amounts of the dry foods and he went straight for the Viva La Venison! I had to take it away for fear he would get sick again…HE NEVER DID! I gradually gave him the rest and he has not been sick for two days now. (We had to hold his sister Popo back from trying to take his food away as well…she also wanted that venison! She has never been pushy at the food bowl before!:-D) They both LOVE the canned food.

You have gained a new loyal customer- I have checked with All Natural Food Supply in Vancouver to confirm that they carry Viva La Venison. I would also like to add that we are very pleased by Addiction’s environmental efforts.

I cant thank Addiction enough. I truly believe that you have saved my cat’s life and prevented some broken hearts.

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