Jessica Tennant

Our dog Monique is a miniature sausage dog and she has suffered from very bad skin allergies and infections for the first 2 years of her life. We had to visit the vet every couple of months because her skin would be so infected she would need antibiotics and steroids and other medications. These helped a little but once she stopped taking them it would come straight back. We have tried many foods and many different skin lotions but there was no improvement. Early this year we decided to try your food (we tried the dehydrated venison with cranberries) and after being fed this for 2 months, her skin had improved about 70%. We then saw the possum (brushtail) and within a week of eating this, her skin had cleared up immediately and now her scars are healing and she has never been so happy. Now she doesn’t scratch, doesn’t need to take any medications or do anything. I just wanted to say that your dog food is awsome!

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