Sayaka Tatekura

I just received a sample of “Addiction New Zealand forest delicacies” for review.

As I opened the package to observe the texture and size of the raw dehydrated food for my toy poodle, Lester, I was pleasantly surprised at how he instantly gravitated towards the scent of the food and demanded me to give him a taste. Upon tasting the food, he immediately wanted more.

I usually give him some rice and canned dog food for dinner, but decided to substitute the canned food with the raw dehydrated food. I sprinkled two tablespoons of the raw dehydrated food on his rice and added a tablespoon of warm water to rehydrate the food. He liked it so much that I couldn’t get him to look up for the camera for even one second!

Lester also suffers from slightly dry skin and scratches, bites, of licks himself from time to time. Since Addiction foods contain high levels of omega 3 which helps maintain healthy skin and coat, I’m looking forward to less bald patches on my dog as a result of his sensitive, dry skin.

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