“The Life of Millie, a Border Collie with Severe Food Allergy” – In The Words of Her Owner

Millie was initially diagnosed with Generalised Food Intolerance and Allergies and Hemolytic Anemia.


25 JUL 2010
  • Diet: Fresh oily fish with plenty of fresh vegetables and 1 large slice of papaya a day
  • Discontinue all treats, dog biscuits/ food, bread & dairy products
  • Soy Milk and rice is permissible

2 AUG 2010
  • Resuscitated with blood transfusions & warded in ICU
  • Diet: NO Meat, maintain oily fish diet as above, and supplement with Hill’s A/D once a day and other fruits and vegetables
  • Medication: SAMe/ Revanol (1x daily) Hepavite/ Omega 3 (2x daily)

3 SEPT 2010
  • Hair falls off in clumps in 2 areas (back / head) just upon stroking
  • Diet advised: Discontinue rice and maintain fish and vegetable with Nutri-RX, Allergy-HS Diet

7 SEPT 2010
  • Picture taken after vet consultation
  • Area shaved to maintain hygiene and monitor spreading of the sore
  • Sores spread over the next month around the back/ head

12 OCT 2010
  • Wounds not healing and in fact have spread since 3 Sept
  • Started Millie on Nutri-RX, Allergy-HS diet exclusively, with no fish
  • (1 cup 2 times daily, supplemented with fruits vegetables)

P.S. Millie’s owner recently started her on a diet containing meat and signs of allergy returned.

22 OCT 2010
  • 10 days on diet – wounds have healed, scabs dried up. Currently maintaining diet and noticed fur is starting to grow back
  • Comparing scab area to previous picture, notice how it has spread
  • The multiple sores on her head have healed
Original wound: notice spread in past month

Background: riginal sore noticed in early Sept, spreading extended to front & side of ears

31 JAN 2011
  • Maintained diet – and fur has fully grown back.
  • Her energy levels are up (despite her age) and she’s doing great!
  • These symptoms resolved once meat was removed from diet and Millie was again exclusively fed Nutri-Rx Allergy-HS

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