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We are pleased to inform you that Addiction has commissioned a multi-million dollar upgrade to produce many more of our foods at our fully owned manufacturing plant in New Zealand, where the lush forests, clean lakes and stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality food made in a pristine environment. This upgrade has increased our plant capacity by over 30 times and will allow us to produce many more of our foods ourselves with the objective of product quality, consistency and freshness of our foods. This plant upgrade will consist of brand new, state of the art, fully-automated Dry Foods and, Treats will state “Made in New Zealand” on the packaging.


There are some changes in the formulations, ingredients and guaranteed analysis’ of some of our products. 


We are excited to announce that our Le Lamb dog food and our La Porchetta dog food are now grain free and contain probiotics! There are slight changes in some of our other dry foods,


Due to a difference in equipment being used, there may also be minor changes to the “cook profile”—how the starches in the food are cooked— of the product and as such, very sensitive dogs and cats may require a few days of transition time. Only less than 5% of dogs and cats experienced tummy upsets from the change but it is always a good idea to gradually introduce the “Made in New Zealand” foods as you would with any new food.


Please send us an email at or call us at (425) 251-0330 with any questions you have! We're so excited to move forward with these upgrades and we thank you for your continued support.  Here's to ten more years of health for your dogs and cats!!