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Addiction’s plant capacity is increased by over 30 times to improve customer service levels and ensure product quality and consistency, making it New Zealand’s largest dry pet food plant.

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Addiction has adopted SAP, the world-class business management system to support us in our daily operations. Addiction’s SAP system will assist in integrating all core business functions across the entire company with the objective of improving service levels. By implementing the SAP system across our 3 different offices, 6 warehouses and our manufacturing plant in New Zealand, Addiction will be able to manage our inventory across multiple warehouses, track stock movements, and manage production orders based on material requirements planning more precisely and efficiently.

Addiction released a new dehydrated food specifically formulated for cats and a dehydrated food using kangaroo as the protein source.

Addiction also launched its revamped website with a more user-friendly and updated design providing our customers with more nutritional information about Addiction.