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From the pristine waters of New Zealand, Addiction brings to you the New Zealand King Salmon. Rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E for healthy skin and coat. King Salmon is as nutritious as it is delectable! This hypoallergenic formula is designed as a low allergy and healthier alternative to diets made from chicken, beef or lamb. Lovingly prepared with Hoki, a prized New Zealand fish, as well as a medley of lemons and oranges, your cat will surely enjoy this gourmet recipe!


The newest addition to our canned cat food range, King Salmon is huge burst of flavour and nutrients that will have any cat begging for more. Made with wild fish that is completely hypoallergenic, this cat ‘super’ food is as hearty as it is healthy.


Caught in the pristine waters around New Zealand, our delectable King Salmon is a full-flavored premiumprotein that your cat will just love. Packed with essential Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E, King Salmon is excellent for nurturing your cat’s skin and coat. Our hypoallergenic formula blends the King Salmon with tasty New Zealand Hoki fish, potatoes and citrus fruits to make a low allergy, healthy alternative food.

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Rating : 5 Date: March 20, 2014
I have 5 cats and rarely do all 5 love a food. They love this one. Having studied holistic animal nutrition I know what is in pet food and Addiction is a good food. Not all the crap thrown in that others put in food. The Salmon is a favorite amongst all 5 of my cats. Clean bowls are the sign that they all love this one.

-M. Jones

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