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Featuring Free-Range New Zealand Venison, Addiction's Viva La Venison is a mouth-watering treat that will satisfy any dog! Served with a generous dose of Fruits and Vegetables, we have included Probiotics for overall health and vitality. Formulated without grains, this wholesome meal is also ideal for sensitive dogs of all lifestages.


Voted TOP DRY DOG FOOD by Whole Dog Journal!

High in protein but low in fat, Viva La Venison is a truly delectable grain-free dog food that’s loved by even the most sensitive eaters. Packed with free-range New Zealand venison and generous helpings of fruits and vegetables, Viva La Venison is further enriched with probiotics to give your dog’s health and vitality a real boost.


We only use high quality venison that’s been raised on lush New Zealand pastures without the use of artificial hormones or steroids. Venison is great for dogs because it’s much lower in cholesterol and fat than most meats. We also add probiotics to Viva La Venison to promote the beneficial bacteria that assist your dog’s digestion, support nutritional absorption and help strengthen the immune system.

Completely free from grain filler – but rich in fruit and vegetable phytonutrients – your dog will simply love this wholesome, balanced and delicious taste of Viva La Venison.

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Rating : 5 Date: December 01, 2014
My Ender (Siberian Husky) has had so many problems with food. He's a very very picky eater and has a very sensitive tummy. Since we had him as a pup (now he's 1 1/2) until we decided to try the Addiction food, he's been sick and lost a lot of weight. He went CRAZY for the Viva La Venison! He finally has his appetite back, loves food, always eats every last morsel. After being at our wits end, having tried every type of pet food in the store and having him either refuse or get sick off of them, we were so thrilled that he has not been sick and loves the taste. we researched hypo allergenic foods and what to do for dogs with sensitive tummies and we came across a few brands but Addiction is the only brand we found that offers different proteins (which was what our vet suggested) than what Ender has been on. (Turkey, chicken, duck, beef, salmon, lamb). We just ordered a bag of the La Porchetta, since he gets bored quickly, hopefully he loves it just as much. Thank you for making such a high quality food that helped our little man finally not be sick! He's gained back some weight and doesn't look emaciated anymore! He's on his way to recovery!!!

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