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Nothing beats the taste of New Zealand Venison lovingly prepared with Potatoes, Spinach, Papayas and Cranberries. Featuring juicy Cranberries, packed with beneficial nutrients, this hearty and nutritious recipe is made from the very best premium ingredients. A balanced and scrumptious meal, your dog will love you for it.


This unbeatable combination of free-range New Zealand venison, potatoes, spinach, papaya and cranberries is so hearty and flavorsome, it’s guaranteed to show your dogs just how much you care for them.


Dogs love the full flavour and meaty texture of venison, so we’ve packed this food with over 45% of it! Venison is highly nutritious and hypoallergenic, making it a great protein for restoring dogs’ vitality and wellbeing. It also has very low levels of cholesterol and fat (less than most cuts of beef, pork or lamb).

Our venison comes from New Zealand, where it’s free to roam in open pastures and doesn’t receive artificial hormones or steroids. Juicy cranberries and sweet papaya add extra levels of healthy vitamin C and antioxidants.

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Rating : 5 Date: March 14, 2014
I have fed my dog dehydrated food as well as those frozen raw food tubes. I decided to try out the Addiction brand. I have tried the Venison, Lamb and Beef so far. My dog absolutely loves each one. After he has finished eating he comes running to me licking his face, his eyes all lit up, all excited. I find him licking his empty bowl over and over again. I've never seen this reaction with the other "natural" brands. This product lives up to its name! Addiction? you betcha!

Warm water is added to this product. I let it sit a while till it is absorbed. I then fluff it up with a fork and serve. This product does have a wonderful aroma. I must admit that I am tempted to taste it because it smells so good!
-Be Bumble

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