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Discover Australia's best-kept pet food secret, the Wild Kangaroo, with Addiction's Outback Kangaroo Feast. Not only will your dog find it hard to resist the exquisite taste of Wild Kangaroo, this health-giving protein is prized as a lean, high quality game meat. Wild Kangaroo is a ‘muscle meat' that provides essential amino acids to support weight maintenance, muscle building, tissue repair and metabolic process. Addiction's Outback Kangaroo Feast is a wellness recipe designed for peak performance for all life stages.


The first dog food of its kind, ever, this super-nutritious raw dehydrated grain-free recipe packs all the healthy goodness of wild kangaroo and blends it with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to create a food so tasty and wholesome, your dog will never want to eat any other ever again!


Wild kangaroo is one of the healthiest and tastiest meats you can feed to your dog. Incredibly lean and with only 2% fat and five times the levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) found in other red meats, wild kangaroo is a powerhouse of flavour and nutrients. It also provides high levels of essential amino acids that help support your dog’s weight, muscle development, tissue repair and metabolism.

To make our Outback Kangaroo Feast as balanced and delicious as possible, we blend the kangaroo with antioxidant-rich apples, papayas, carrots, spinach and sunflower seeds, providing extra nourishment, flavours and texture. With such a superior concentration of nutrients, you can mix our Outback Kangaroo Feast with kibble or home cooked meals to enhance both the taste and nutrition of your pet’s meal.


Grain-free! This delicious dog food is free from any grains. Grain is often used as a cheap filler in lesser dog food products and contributes significantly to the growing number of food allergies among dogs.

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Rating : 4 Date: November 13, 2013
I was amazed how my picky spoiled 3 dogs love this food! I will definitely next time purchase the large package. The company is great, I have purchased food from them for years! Very impressive. I rotate a lot of dogs food, I have to admit I give 10 different kinds, made by Ziwipeak, Fromm, K 9 natural, Halo and some Health extension. These are the best brand out there, Addiction makes GREAT food from beautiful pure New Zealand! My dogs say: Thank you mami for spoiling us! I don't believe necessary in high/low protein diets, just do what makes sense and make sure your dog has good digestion and the food is EASY not difficult to digest-and this food is awesome! I do re-hydrate it some with cold spring water, only takes a couple of minutes!

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