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Karleen Brigham

Nico, Baby Olive, and Zoom our deaf cat who thinks he's a dog all waiting for their daily dose of Addiction on the bench by the window.


I wrote to Addiction just last week looking for help because my cat Christopher was unable to keep food down because of grain allergies.

Mona Sterling very kindly sent us a couple grain free foods to try and also a can of the Black Forest Rabbit & Blueberries Entrée. I placed out small amounts of the dry foods and he went straight for the Viva La Venison! I had to take it away for fear he would get sick again...HE NEVER DID! I gradually gave him the rest and he has not been sick for two days now. (We had to hold his sister Popo back from trying to take his food away as well...she also wanted that venison! She has never been pushy at the food bowl before!:-D) They both LOVE the canned food.

You have gained a new loyal customer- I have checked with All Natural Food Supply in Vancouver to confirm that they carry Viva La Venison. I would also like to add that we are very pleased by Addiction's environmental efforts.

I cant thank Addiction enough. I truly believe that you have saved my cat's life and prevented some broken hearts.

Eugene H.

My 3-year old Beagle, Scotty, drools all the time - but since we got him Addiction, we've had to put a baby's bib on before his dinner is served. He licks his silver bowl clean long after he's finished his food and snaps at us if we ask to share. He's definitely much more obedient now, especially before dinner because Addiction is his favourite treat.

Jason Thompson

I want to thank you for the photographs of the living animals that appear on the La Porchetta, Le Lamb, Salmon Bleu, and Viva La Venison. I feel it is important to honor these animals for what they are providing and for us humans to not forget that they were (are) more than just meat to feed our domestic cats and dogs. I find your packaging unique to this. I hope that these images don't disappear from your products and that similar photographs will appear on your other products that don't already have them.

I also want to thank you for being "Earth Friendly". From what I understand so far, I am under the impression that you practice humane slaughter to some degree. This is information I have gained mostly through word-of-mouth. I may have overlooked it, but providing information about your slaughtering practices on your website would be helpful for people attempting to live as "cruelty-free" as possible. I have a high interest in your foods and I would like to start my cats on them. I just want to make sure I am doing best to the earth and other animals by choosing Addiction. Thank you for being an option.

Virginia O'Connor

I just started a raw diet on my two dogs 1 month ago and I am feeding Addiction Raw Dehydrated foods to my Manchester Terrier as he prefers it to the raw patty diet. My Plott Hound mix loves it as well and eats it a few times per week. I have noticed an incredible difference in my Manchester Terrier, Hopper. He was a bit overweight and has already dropped to almost his ideal size and gobbles up his meals every day. He is no longer the picky eater he was before! I will continue to be a regular user in Calgary, Alberta now that I have found your product!


My cats really like the canned foods! One of my cats was growling and trying to run away with her food, trying to keep the other cat away! I will definitely be ordering more!

Tianna Fisher with her 2 cats Yoshimi (White Siamese mixed) and Zero (Grey & White Main Coon mixed breed).




Here is Skye eating Addiction Homestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner. He loves it so much and gobbles it up quickly, then licks the bowl! While Skye has been eating it this past week, he doesn't scratch as much! I used to feed Skye another brand of dehydrated raw foods but it was more powdery. He didn't like the other brand as much and he likes yours much better because it has more texture to it.


Mika, my Shiba Inu, loves her Addiction raw dehydrated! It was recommended to me by another Shiba owner and has a gamey smell which she loves, she goes crazy when I mix her food in the morning. I also started her on Addiction NZ Venison & Apples cos it has apples in it and she LOVES apples! I've learnt that Mika doesn't do well on too high a protein diet and I was so worried about her as she was suffering from constipation. The great news is that her constipation cleared up after I started her on Addiction, which gives her a healthy balanced diet. She's surely a happy pup now!




My Mastiff Jean Harlow has severe Food Allergies and Addiction Kangaroo has been a life saver!

Meet Jean Harlow the Mastiff and Chance Chuggs Water the Labrador!

Katie M.

Addiction Viva La Venison dry cat food has solved a feeding problem that we've had for a long time. We have three cats and Tasha, our female, is quite overweight and tends to binge on cat food. But if we restrict food intake, our smallest cat tends to lose too much weight. Viva La Venison has stopped the binging! All three cats are eating less while maintaining a healthy weight. And I like the fact that the ingredients are such good quality.