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I am finicky when it comes to my dogs' food, so it had to be something of high quality I like, the dogs like, and Will doesn't react to. Addiction Foods satisfies all three. Will goes nuts over the Brushtail cans (my other dog Australian Shepherd Davie also does but she loves all food), she doesn't scratch, their poop is great, the dogs don't smell (which they never do on home cooked but began to do in the past with other, high quality commercial food I tried) and I am pleased with the appearance and smell of the food as well.

Addiction Foods is the first commercial food I like. We've become Addiction Food addicts in a very short time.


Rufus can be finicky about the dry food I feed him but he absolutely loves Addiction's "Viva La Venison" dry food. It's gone almost as soon as the food hits his bowl. I love that it is all natural and made from grain free meat. I've also notices that his coat has gotten softer over the weeks I've fed him this dry food. Thanks for a great product!

Dana Gillikin



To find one food that all 6 cats love and enjoy to eat was an impossible task, until we were introduced to Addiction Foods! The cats can't get enough of the canned King Salmon and Potatoes and the Salmon Bleu dry food. Our dog Dixie can't get to her food bowl fast enough and licks it clean. Dixie enjoys both the dry food Wild Kangaroo and Apples and the raw dehydrated foods. She acts as though she is getting a yummy treat! The pets love the taste and I love that it's holistic and grain-free! You can't go wrong with Addiction Foods and we are very satisfied customers!



angel  isabella

We've always tried to feed our two cats Angel and Isabella and our husky Sadie a food that is high quality and one that they really like. Addiction Foods certainly fit that bill! The cats love the Viva La Venison dry food and we can certainly see an increase in their energy level. Every morning the hallways are like a race track now! Sadie loves the Raw Dehydrated food and licks her bowl clean every time! We're all very happy with Addiction! They love the taste, I love feeding them a high quality natural food!


The treats are a giant hit with my dogs! They really are so happy, ears perked up, doing tricks for them, and just being happy and excited when I bring out the bag. You have us totally sold on these delicious and nutritious treats. Thank you again very much!


I think I would die if I could not find this food. I have asked my favorite Boutique to carry it but so far she hasn't. In between the times I didn't have Addiction, I used something from her store, above the average but my Newfoundland's coats have suffered from changing foods. I can tell a big difference. The outer coat is dry and feels like straw and not even as black as it should be. But when I use all the right things for all my dog's including supplements and with your food every thing comes together perfectly. What a wonderful product!


Hello! Bless you for making this great dog food! We lost our beloved dog to liver cancer last year, before we knew about your products. Our new Corgi pup was also ailing on the regular (even "high quality") dogfoods. Now he's happy and healthy, and his coat and muscle tone is fantastic. (We've been feeding the Brushtail formula).


OMG I just want to tell you how much my dogs love your food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! I am a traveling nurse and I used to feed RAW but it was too difficult so I have been looking for a food I can travel with. You have IT. One of my 4 dogs has very bad food allergies and he can only eat very novel food proteins.

Christine Scully

My 2 little Schnauzers took an immediate liking to Addiction. In fact, everyday they just can't wait for meal time, especially the younger one. She will do the “Dance of Joy" (Running excitedly around the dining table with such zest!) until the food is finally prepared. And then she will run to the balcony, where the meal is served and gulp down her food in seconds. I will keep reminding her to chew her food as she gobbles it down. Unlike Pepe, Dino is a gentle dog. He too eagerly waits for his food, but he is more refined and will take his time to enjoy the flavors of his share of Addiction. But he is  the smarter one he makes sure that there is nothing left in his bowl for Pepe to swipe.  Though he takes his time to eat his meal, he  makes sure that the entire share is HIS!! I feed Dino and Pepe a mixture of the Dry Food and the Raw Dehydrated Food. They simply love it!! I keep changing the flavors and that makes them drool even more!

My daughter who has 2 Schnauzers too!! She feeds them Addiction as well. In fact, she started it all..... and her dogs are just as healthy and beautiful, especially her little girl. She is a perfect Lady, whereas my girl is from the Bronx!!! Thank you, Addiction!

David Nugent

Addiction has been a positive and changing experience for my dogs. Formerly afflicted by frequent rashes they suffer none now. I'm hugely impressed!