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Keena Worthington

I feed my two Fox Terriers Addiction, and have been amazed at the vitality the diet produces. The dogs are healthy with shiny coats and bright eyes, and I really like the fact that there are no fillers and artificial preservatives in the product. Besides, they won't eat anything else!

David Collins

To condition my dogs and give them stamina I feed them Addiction Canned Food. These dogs have developed fine muscle tone and great strength as a result of the diet. It is an excellent product. Because it is pure meat I find it very economical as well. The dogs simply don't need as much to satisfy them.

Kay Wright

I have a 15 years old Standard Schnauzer and I feed her Addiction. I changed some years ago to Addiction Canned Food and her arthritic problems have almost disappeared, her coat is soft and shiny, and she just loves her food. It is really a great product with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and no preservatives.

Michelle Juneau and (Louie and Wendel)

I have two Boston Terriers, one of whom I have never been able to find a food for since he is allergic to everything! Prior to trying your product, I had tried about four different foods, digestive enzymes and a ton of other products that my vet recommended but nothing seemed to work for him. He threw up constantly and had absolutely horrible gas! My local pet shop owner recommended that I try your product which my pups have been on now for months with great results.

Kathy M

I was introduced to Addiction a few months ago, and I am feeding my 2 dogs NZ Brushtail & Vegetables canned food and dry food, their skin problems have improved and their fur is even better than before, I am now considering switching their dry food to Addiction as well!

Mel Bland

My name is Mel Bland and I am a HUGE fan of Addiction...well, okay, my dog is! We have been feeding Addiction Zen Vegetarian for the past year and it helped enormously with our dog's skin, coat and general health. We are ADDICTED! Addiction has also helped us maintain our dog's weight. She is a black Labrador Retriever with hip dysplasia so keeping her weight down is very important. Addiction Zen Vegetarian has been such a great help as it does not contain the fillers and other trash that many dog foods plump their food up with. Switching to Addiction also meant we no longer needed skin and coat supplements that we were using to maintain a glossy coat. As I mentioned earlier, we truly are Addicted!

Sylvia C.

Two weeks ago, my cat Brandy had a severe allergy attack and her lungs were near collapse. The vet recommended me to put her on Addiction Unagi & Seaweed, and since then she has not had any allergy attacks. She is now recovering from the food allergies.

Judi Gendreau

I gave my terminally ill and anorexic cat Addiction Canned Food. She usually does not eat a lot of food at one time and is very fussy about I can manage to get her to eat. I must tell you I was extremely impressed! I gave her a dish of Addiction and she ATE IT ALL! She even woke me up this morning looking for more food! Again, she ate it all. She loves the food and is Addicted, as the name applies!

Robert Meyer

I was introduced to Addiction by my vet who recommended it as a regular diet for my cats. I feel good knowing that I am giving my cats the very best with a diet that is holistic, has a great texture and taste. My cats are living proof that Addiction delivers - healthy, happy cats!

Janis Delsasso

He is a purebred British Shorthair, lilac in color. He is 1 yr. 3 1/2 months old. He has always eaten Addiction canned and dry foods which were recommended by his breeder in Colorado. The picture was taken on Spencer's enclosed patio which he enjoys every day even in the occasional snow that we get here in Southwest New Mexico.