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Jonela Z.

I rescued Martini from a shelter and she was a very skinny and sickly kitten. After doing a lot of reading on raising a healthy cat I read that she should be eating a lot of red meat and should be instinctual for her as a carnivore but instead all she would eat was seafood. I tried several brands of cat food in chicken, beef, turkey, chicken and liver formula and she would just smell it and walk away. Finally, I came across Addiction NZ Brushtail & Vegetables and read on the can that it was perfect for fussy eaters and thought to myself... well if my cat won't eat chicken, I highly doubt she'll eat brushtail but it was worth a shot. As soon as I opened that can and she smelled it, she was meowing for it. She absolutely loves Addiction NZ Brushtail & Vegetablesand she has been so happy and healthy and I'm very grateful to Addiction for putting out a product that is all natural and very healthy and perfect for finicky cats and I'm sure I'm not the only one with a finicky cat. Thank you Addiction!

Karleen Brigham

Nico, Baby Olive, and Zoom our deaf cat who thinks he's a dog all waiting for their daily dose of Addiction on the bench by the window.

Suzanne W. Dixon

Addiction’s Wild kangaroo & Apples is terrific! My dog Jackson, a Border Collie, has inflammatory bowel disease. This is a serious medical condition and he needs a high quality, novel protein diet, with a short ingredient list. Wild kangaroo & Apples is ideal to meet his needs. Before feeding him this food, he had regular flare-ups of his inflammatory bowel disease and severe diarrhea. Since starting Addiction's Wild Kangaroo & Apples, his health has been terrific. He has no symptoms, his bowel movements are normal, and he looks great. His fur is shiny, he's energetic, and he loves this food. This is the best dog food I've found. Thanks Addiction!”

Robyn van den Bemd

Here's one of my Bassett Hounds, Luna, who enjoys Addiction Foods!

BD Malone

Magique loves Addiction's Perfect Summer Brushtail. Here she is looking tres' chic, showing off her back foot, which has hair on it, instead of being raw, red and oozing.

Elisa L.

My dog Tammy is now taking Addiction Zen Vegetarian dry food formula and her skin conditions have improved tremendously.


My 2 dogs, Charlie & Mug Mug love Addiction! Addiction Dog Food is very natural and my dogs are very healthy and happy!

Philip Sundin

My 6-year old, Maltese-Betty is an Addiction addict. She does twirls and spins at mealtime for her Addiction. Addiction has helped Betty with her digestive issues, and generally helped her enjoy life more, Thank You!

Renai T.

Started feeding Mackie Addiction NZ Brushtail & Vegetables Canned Food after his teeth scaling as I was told that the Addiction range is an excellent recovery food. Since then, Mackie's teeth have remained very clean and his gums have recovered well. The Addiction range is also complete and premium. It is convenient to feed as a single meal and Mackie simply loves it! It is a balanced diet and its holistic -- you can even see the peas!


When Tiny, my Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with tick fever, she became so weak that she couldn't walk. Many vets told me that she couldn't be cured. We were even thinking of putting her to sleep to end her suffering when we were told to feed her Addiction. When we switched her to Addiction, we saw immediate changes! She was more responsive and started walking again! Tiny was miraculously cured after 2 weeks on Addiction. She's back to her happy self, standing on her hind legs and welcoming us home everyday!