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Peggy Zee
rootbeer We got Root Beer when she was 7 weeks old from a local breeder. But when she was 4 months old, she had a persistant chesty cough that lasted more than a month. She then started developing lumps all over her body. Vets didn't seem to be able to help her. We bumped into a vet who then recommended her to be put on Addiction Zen Vegetarian diet. We bought 10 packs as soon as it hit the shelves! Her skin problems gradually went away and she is much stronger and loves the food!

Joan Churchill

My dog "Huey", who 6 months ago was targeted for euthanasia by the local animal shelter due to his severe skin issues from allergies has made a complete turnaround! I rescued him last November. On the advice of my local pet store (Star Pets in Surrey, BC, Canada) I switched him to Addiction's Wild Kangaroo & Apples late last year. Well 6 months later he is a new dog!! He's happy, healthy and most importantly his itching has decreased by about 95%. My vet is amazed, my friends and neighbours are gobsmacked!! No doubt that his home environment has played a big role in his recovery; He was living in an animal shelter for 6 months and prior to that was tied up in a back yard and was completely bald due to his scratching. He's put on about 10 pounds and has become much stronger than when I first brought him home. Some people think he's a puppy when they first meet him. I think he's just making up for lost time. I just want to share the good news. In light of the current food contamination scare/recall I've just switched my other dog (she has no allergies) to Addiction. I've attached a before and the most recent photo of Huey.

Heidi Weston

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your dog food.  We have tried every food available; prescription to raw to home made, and spent hundred in vet bills due to allergic reactions and finally, found your food at Mud Bay in Bellevue, Washington.
No gas, no upset, no biting or scratching- it’s as though we have a new dog. It is absolutely amazing and please keep it coming!

Carl Colston

I think my Pom likes the Wild Kangaroo & Apples dry food.  She gets really excited when I began to prepare her bowl.  I'm mixing the Addiction food with her current food now, but when I return to the bowl, she has managed to eat all the Kangaroo and only some of her current food.  I do feed her a premium dog food now which she has always loved, but Wild Kangaroo & Apples seems to really please her taste buds.

Kelly Lang

I have a little Chihuahua that my vet had given 3 - 6 months to live in December.  He had an EKG and an ultrasound done and she couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.  I immediately got on the internet and was looking for his symptoms.  I had been told about raw food but wasn't sure.  I came across Addiction and ordered a box of theHomestyle Venison & Cranberry Dinner.  He loved it.  Since then we have went through 5 boxes and he is doing much better.  I have him on some other additives (vitamins, probiotics, enzymes etc) but he has really turned around from what he looked like in December.  It's taken a little bit longer healing him the holistic way but much safer.  I really believe that the Addiction Foods has been one key factor in his healing. Thank you again for your wonderful product.

Pat & Dave Inverso


Mr. T before Addiction



Mr. T after Addiction

Addiction, with its premium protein, has played an integral role in our cat’s recovery to excellent health. We started feeding Mr. T Addiction NZ Brushtail & Vegetables canned food after discovering he had serious food allergies and was overweight. Since then, his inflammatory bowel disease has gone into remission. He is down to a steady, healthy weight. He is more active and playful. His coat has become smooth and silky. Most exciting to us, due to the high protein content of the food, we have been able to halt the advancement of feline diabetes. Addiction is the only commercially made food we feel we can safely feed him. He loves it! Thank you for making such a positive difference in our cat’s health. We are grateful.